Talks & Walks

Weavers Fields is opposite Oxford House, complete with a woodland walk. Alys will lead a walk around the local area, including the woodland, looking for wildlings, explaining what they are how they got there.  We are completely in the hands of nature. What we might find, no one knows. It is all part of the adventure.


4pm – Photography walk and talk with Paul around the vicinity of Weaver’s Fields. Come with a camera, or even just your walking shoes, for an introduction to flower photography.

6pm – ‘Walks of Wildling’ – walk and talk with Alys around the local area.

Booking will be required on the Oxford House website. There will be a small fee, and all proceeds will go to Oxford House to support their continued work in the Bethnal Green area.

Book Photowalk with Paul

Book Walk of Wildlings with Alys

Book both walks with Paul and Alys


Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields

Weavers Fields, Bethnal Green

Weavers Fields, Bethnal Green

Snowdrops, Weavers Fields

Wild snowdrops, Weavers Fields


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