Photo Competition

The competition is open to any child (with a little help from their mums and dads!) and any school.

We are looking for photographs of wild flowers, weeds and plants that you find in the most unexpected place. In walls, on roofs, in the gutter, in cracks in the pavement…just about anywhere you can think of. And if it makes us laugh, so much the better!  Just use your mobile phone to take a snap. And if you send us a print you might even win a prize. Prints should be no more than 15cm on the longest side and can be made on any school or home printer, on any paper. It doesn’t have to be professionally printed. It just has to show us how clever nature can be. You can send us as many prints as you like.

The prizes will be vouchers for schools to buy seeds to grow in their nature areas or anywhere they find in the school. The more imaginative the better. And if you have photos of existing displays, please us these too, we’d love to see them.

Prizes will be presented on Thursday 22nd May at 4pm.

Alys' path ©Alys Fowler

Alys’ path ©Alys Fowler

Prints must be sent to Oxford House… an envelope marked PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION. The closing date is 21st May 2014. Please write contact details on the back of the print and the location where the photo was taken. We recommend the contact details are that of the parents or guardian unless it is a school entry, where the school name and teacher’s name will suffice.

You can also upload your photos to Instagram using the hashtag #ohwildling, but only prints sent to Oxford House will be considered for prizes.

The address:
Oxford House,
Derbyshire Street,
Bethnal Green,
E2 6HG

The prints will be displayed in a live exhibition that will grow as the entries come in, and by May 16th we hope to have a large installation or display of all the photos we like in Oxford House.


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