Competition rules

1. Entries to the the ‘Where The Wild Things Grow Competition’ can be taken on any camera. This includes any iOS or Android device. iPads and tablets with cameras are also acceptable.

2. Editing of photos is permitted. You can use filters from any photo sharing site or process with any apps.

3. The theme is wild flowers, weeds and plants that have appeared the most unexpected place. We are not looking for the prettiest photograph. We want to see the funiest or unusual urban locations you can find.

4. Photographs can be uploaded to Instagram, with the hashtag #ohwildling.

5. To be considered for a prize, you must send a print no larger than 15cm on its longest side to Oxford House…….marked PHOTO COMPETITION. The print can be made on any home or school printer. It doesn’t have to be professionally printed. These should be marked on the back with a name and address and contact details to identify prize winners. Any photos without contact details may still be selected to be displayed at Oxford House, but will not be able to recieve a prize.

6. It is your responsibility to check that you have the authorization to submit your entry. It must be your own original work and not infringe copyright or other rights of third parties.

7. Any child (with the help of their mums and dads) and any school can enter.

8.The copyright of all images remain with the photographer, and the organizers will not sell to third parties. You do grant the organizers the right to exhibit the photographs as part of Where The Wild Things Grow Exhibition, and also use them to  promote current and future Where The Wild Things Grow Exhibition competitions in printed and online forms. The organizers may also from time to time use the images in printed or digital displays in the Oxford House Gallery.

9. Prizes will be announced at on Thursday 22th May 2014. All decisions will be final and the judges and organizers will not enter into any communication regarding prizes.

10. By entering the competition, you agree to be bound by the rules.


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