Where the wild things grow.

After much planning Alys Fowler, Lynn Keddie and Paul Debois have launched their Chelsea Fringe project ‘Where the Wild Things Grow’, which will be based at Oxford House in Bethnal Green.  A summary of events is listed below, but as things are still evolving, there could be additions closer to the time. For full details, please read the blog!

toadstools ©Alys Fowler

toadstools ©Alys Fowler

So far:

1. An exhibition of  photographs and paintings entitled ‘Wildlings’ by Paul Debois and Lynn Keddie with commentary by Alys Fowler in the Oxford House Gallery from early May. This will run until mid-June. (See blog closer to the time for exact times).

2. On 24th May there will be walks and talks by Alys Fowler in the vicinity of Oxford House, searching for wildlings. Alys will explain the history of the plants, how they got there and even their uses. (See blog for details, booking and times).

3. There is a school/children’s photo competition, where they have to find their own ‘wildling’, and photograph it using nothing more than a mobile phone. This is open now, and will run until 16th May, and Alys will present prizes to the winners on 22nd May. All chosen photos will be displayed at Oxford House, creating an installation that will grow over the next few months.

4. On 24th May Alys, Paul and Lynn will give a talks on wild flowers and botanical photography and painting in the cafe and theatre at Oxford House. These talks will  need to be booked and exact details will be added to the blog closer to the time.

5. There will be a pop-up cafe, hosted by Can Eat. During the evening of 24th May there will be the viewing of the photography and painting exhibition, with appropriate ‘wildling’ drinks or cocktails served by Can Eat! Later on in the evening there will be a fabulous dinner, also served by Can Eat. Currently the menu is being planned and this has to be booked in advance. (See booking details and prices on the blog).


One thought on “Where the wild things grow.

  1. Sharon Mehta

    Absolutely fabulous afternoon, Paul’s photography, Alys’s foraging and then tasting new flavours. Inspiring and relaxed, thank you so much.


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